Mental Health

Mental Health is the state of being that, at its best, allows one to live life to the fullest, to seek happiness, to express needs and desires freely, and to seek success interpersonally, at home, socially, and at work. Providing mental health services can include the spiritual and the religious through Spiritual psychotherapy; naturally, Spiritual Direction is most suited once a person is mentally well and able to reason clearly, and discern faith and spiritually.

Mental Health Therapies can expose antisocial characteristics that could lead to unhappiness and difficult comportment; left untreated, it could lead to self-destructive desires and acts, as well as issues of anger, isolationism, and depression.

Spiritual psychotherapy can help one determine one’s path to a closer relationship with God, and is offered to help establish the love of God within, while providing well-founded psychological therapies to achieve optimum mental health and spiritual growth.


Mental Health & Spiritual Direction
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Helping The Very Poor

"As a Roman Catholic priest I am greatly moved by those who come to me with the sense of the loss of God, the loss of faith, and the search for God’s plan in their lives. God is always calling us to fulfillment in the Gospel; for some, there are issues of emptiness, meaninglessness, a loss of values, vague depression, and disillusionment with family, marriage and personal relationships or, a vast and deep heartfelt yearning for personal fulfillment within the Heart of Christ."