Who Are We?

We are a Mental Health Clinic incorporated in Connecticut as a Nonprofit 501(c)(3). All contributions are tax deductible. We provide outpatient psychiatric care, mental health services and counseling to individuals and families. We provide spiritual therapy for those who wish to align their cognitive values of God in their daily life.


Mental Health & Spiritual Direction
The Roman Catholic Clinic


400 Main St. Suite 613
Stamford, CT 06901


Email: Father Al Audette
Email: Sharon Gannon
Phone: (203) 520-7886

Helping The Very Poor

"As a Roman Catholic priest I am greatly moved by those who come to me with the sense of the loss of God, the loss of faith, and the search for God’s plan in their lives.

God is always calling us to fulfillment in the Gospel; for some, there are issues of emptiness, meaninglessness, a loss of values, vague depression, and disillusionment with family, marriage and personal relationships or, a vast and deep heartfelt yearning for personal fulfillment within the Heart of Christ."

Helping The Very Poor

Many of the disadvantaged and poor are unaware of the importance and the life-giving benefits of sound mental health. Good physical health is universally understood as essential to life and limb; it is essential that mental health be known as similarly important.

The vision of our organization is to detect early traits in children and young adults that would lead to violence and isolation, that would lead them to perpetrate the most evil of crimes such as in the shootings at Newtown, Connecticut. Collaterally, to teach the families of these children and/or young adults to properly care and nurture them.