Our Services – What We Do

Spiritual psychotherapy can help one determine one’s path to a closer relationship with God. Spiritual psychotherapy is offered to help establish the love of God within, while providing well-founded psychological therapies to achieve optimum mental health and spiritual growth.

Other Services:

  • Standard and approved American Psychological Association (APA) psychotherapies
  • Individual and group therapies and counseling
  • Anger, stress and emotion management
  • Human sexuality and intimacy
  • Marriage and family development instruction
  • Sexual orientation counseling and guidance
  • Child and teen-life development counseling
  • Personality and strengths testing
  • Mid-life counseling, grief counseling, and relaxation therapy
  • Career testing, career development
  • IQ testing
  • Life coaching
  • Business transitioning, self-empowerment, decision-making and personal presentation
  • Skills and strengths testing
  • Civil Comportment: the Style of Wise Comportment
  • Introduction to Speed-reading and Executive pacing