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The most beautiful and perfectly honed instrument ever created is the human body.

I believe that you can control your mind and body; in times of anger, fear, and stress, and not freeze! You can replace these emotions with reason. How? By commanding yourself to be calm and to relax in the face of danger. You can do this by habituating yourself into a good, calm disposition by practicing relaxation and imagery exercises – thus, creating a habit pattern that results in achieving a state of reason that dispels anger, fear, and stress.

The Relaxation Therapy techniques in these audio tracks will enable you to unleash your inner champion!

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The material presented in these audio tracks is not intended as mental health advice, diagnosis, or treatment and is for consumer education use only. Father Audette is unable to answer specific personal questions, as this should occur only within the context of a therapeutic or mentoring relationship. If you feel you may be experiencing a mental health problem, please seek professional consultation. Local mental health centers are listed in the phone book. Never discontinue treatment orr medication without first consulting your physician or therapist.

If you are feeling like you want to harm yourself or others, it is important that you seek treatment immediately. In a mental health emergency, go to the Emergency Room of the nearest hospital or call 911.

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